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Hillerød  Indbyggere: 29900
Hillerød Kommune: Dorte Meldgaard (S)
Kommunens Indbyggere: 48695
Større byCopenhagen
International Lufthavn: Copenhagen CPH
Distance til: Copenhagen 47 Km.
Område: Nordsjælland
Region: Region Hovedstaden
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Hillerød er en by med 30.350 indbyggere (2011) beliggende i Nordsjælland. Den er administrativt hovedsæde for Region Hovedstaden og tredjestørste by i denne del af Sjælland efter København og Helsingør.

Hillerød huser et rigt kulturliv både inden for sport, kunst og musik mv.

Inden for kunst og musik er det især amatørkunstnerne, der gør sig gældende i de nyopførte faciliteter bag Hillerød Bibliotek, men fra tid til anden gæster både nationale og internationale stjerner byen og optræder som regel i enten Støberihallen eller i det netop udbyggede (2006) Frederiksborgcenteret, der også huser store messeer og konferencer.

Frederiksborg Palace Castle

Frederiksborg Castle / Palace - Frederiksborg Museeum Hilleroed

Frederiksborg Castle garden Hilleroed Denmark Frederiksborg Castle was built between 1600 and 1620 by Christian IV.
To make room for the new Renaissance palace, the bulk of an older building complex that Frederick II had acquired in 1560, demolished.
Frederiksborg Castle Garden Hilleroed Denmark The Building complex is located on three islands in the lake. The buildings on the southernmost island comes from Frederick II's time.

Frederiksborg Palace is inspired by traditional Dutch building styles, like many other Christian IV buildings, for example, Rosenborg Castle and Exchange.
Walkway makes it possible to walk around Castle Island.




Frederiksborg Palace Gardens Hilleroed In 1622, the great Neptune fountain was erected. the Bronze figures was made in Prague by sculptor Adrian de Vries.
Swedish soldiers took the figures as war booty in 1659 and led them to Stockholm.
In 1888 the fountain was reconstructed with casts of the original characters.


Frederiksborg Palace Park Hilleroed The Square in front of the audience hall was used for tournaments and ring jousting.
The beautiful wrought iron balustrade in the ring jousting sport performed by Caspar Fincke. King Albert C4 is seen in the middle.

Frederiksborg Palace Baroque Garden Hilleroed Denmark  

The Baroque Garden at Frederiksborg Castle was built in 1720erne led by the architect Johan Cornelius Warrior. The garden is completely symmetrical and follow the castle's central axis with a perspective into the landscape.

Frederiksborg Castle's baroque garden changed through the following centuries, but in the 1990s, the original baroque garden was restored with cascades and parterre beds.



Branden 1859

Frederiksborg Castle  was destroyed by large fire Hilleroed  

17. December 1859 large fire destroyed a majority of Frederiksborg Castle interior. Only the Audience Hall and the majority of the church escaped the flames.

Frederiksborg castle was rebuilt in 1864 Hilleroed

In the subsequent years, Frederiksborg castle was rebuilt. In 1864, the work on the Frederiksborg castle's exterior was completed and the chapel could be used.


Frederiksborg castle's interior Hilleroed Carlsberg Brewery founder J.C. Jacobsen offered to finance the restoration of Frederiksborg castle's interior, if Frederiksborg Castle was converted into a museum. In 1878 established the Museum of National History at Frederiksborg as an independent department of the Carlsberg Foundation.



Frederiksborg Castle church Hilleroed Denmark Frederiksborg Castle chapel, whose interiors was limited destroyed by fire, is a´ testimony to the splendor of the original Frederiksborg Castle.
In Frederiksborg Castle church's south end, over the altar and pulpit, says Compenius. Every Thursday between 13.30 and 14.00 is a concert with music from the Renaissance.
The chapel is also working chapel for the Danish knight orders: Elephant and the Danish Order of Dannebrog.

Frederiksborg Castle Secret passage Hilleroed Denmark Secret passage leading from the main palace into the Audience Hall. The interior is from the 1680s and inspired by Italian and French baroque. The walls of the secret passage is contemporary Italian and Dutch paintings from the 1600s. The portraits in the Audience Hall depicting the Oldenburg kings, while war scenes above are from the Scanian War 1675-1679. Both the secret passage as Audienssal one of the few well-preserved royal interiors of the old absolutism.

Frederiksborg Castle church south Hilleroed The Great Hall was restored after the fire. The tapestries show scenes from the Kalmar War, 1611-13, and Christian IV's coronation. Knight Hall portraits showing members of the glüksborgske royal family, who had occupied the Danish throne since the 1863rd

Frederiksborg Slot Løngangen Hillerød Frederiksborg Castle Museum is Denmark's national gallery of portraits and covers the period from 1400-century to the present day. The museum also has a significant collection of decorative arts. The objects on the ground 48 rooms represents the Rococo and originates from Frederick vs. time in the mid 1700's.

Frederiksborg Castle Museum Hilleroed Denmark Portraits of famous personalities from the early 1900-century to today are exhibited in the Modern Collection. The museum owns a large collection of portrait photographs, presented in changing exhibitions.

Frederiksborg castle museum is equipped with disabled facilities such as lifts and toilets.

portrait of The Danish royal family and Christian IV Hilleroed Denmark The Danish royal family is well represented in the collection. The portrait of Christian IV, 1577-1648, painted by Pieter Isaacsz approx. The 1611th The picture shows the confident king on top of his power.


Jens Juel portrait painter Denmark Jens Juel was the leading portrait painter in the latter half of the 1700s. The portrait of writer Thomasine Buntzen, 1773-1856, representing the bourgeois women from 1700-century last decade.




portrait of Hans Christian Andersen, performed by portrait painter Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann in 1850 Denmark  


The portrait of Hans Christian Andersen, 1805-1875 performed by Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann in 1850 and was one of the depictions as storyteller himself enjoyed most.


painting of Karen Blixen, 1885-1962, conducted by Kay Christensen in 1955 Denmark


The painting of Karen Blixen, 1885-1962, conducted by Kay Christensen in 1955. The writer became world famous with novels like "Seven Gothic Tales"and "Out of Africa".




Entertainer Victor Borge, 1909-2000 Denmark

Entertainer Victor Borge, 1909-2000, photographed sitting on an imaginary piano by Ole Haupt in 1995.



Otto Bache painting from 1882

History Paintings

History painting has a prominent location at the Frederiksborg Palace Museum. Brewer Jacobsen wanted to visualize the history of Denmark by large narrative pictures. One striking example is Otto Bache painting from 1882 "The conspirators riding from Finnerup after King Erik Klipping homicide in 1286".

Frederiksborg castle, Kalmar War 1611-13 Christian IV Denmark After the Kalmar War 1611-13 Christian IV commissioned a series of tapestries in Delft, which turned the king's farms and victory over the Swedes. One of the motivations to beat the Danish fleet at the entrance to Stockholm. The original Tapestries were lost by fire in 1859, but a part of the series was later restored.

Frederiksborg Castle Oehlenschläger in 1829 Adam Oehlenschläger, 1779-1850, introduced romanticism in Denmark. Constantin Hansen s photo from 1866 depicts Oehlenschläger in 1829, where he was garlanded in laurel grove of the Swedish poet Esaias Tegnér as an expression of Dane s great importance for the Nordic poetry.

Painter Niels Simonsen Denmark Painter Niels Simonsen manufacture of the retreat from Dannevirke performed in 1864 is a fine example of a contemporary history painting. The scene with the six soldiers who pulls a gun forward along a snowy road, is one of the most famous motifs, which describes the Danish defeat by Prussia in 1864.

Painter Thomas Kluge Denmark Thomas Kluge "A short stay" from 1998, depicts Danish UN soldiers on patrol in Bosnia in 1995. History painting as a genre is still present in the Frederiksborg Museum´s collection.

Art industriRenaissance furniture coffin Denmark  

Among Frederiksborg Castle Museum s distinguished collection of furniture seen this fracture coffin from 1605. The coffin is a typical Renaissance furniture. It belonged to Hans Johansen Lindenov to Fovslet and daughter Margaret Otte Rosenkrantz. The coffin is believed to have been on Børglum Monastery.



the Gottorp celestial globe Denmark One of Frederiksborg Castle Museum s major attractions is the Gottorp celestial globe, which was constructed for Duke Friedrich III of Gottorp in arteries 1654-57. Inside the globe, which was restored in 2001, seen the sun in the center as a polished brass ball.


Flora Danica porcelain Denmark Frederiksborg Palace Museum s exhibition of porcelain and glass, you can see the original Flora Danica porcelain, conducted at the Royal Porcelain factory from 1790 to 1802.



norske nationaldragter

Farmers in Norwegian national costumes from a series performed at the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory around 1785 after JG Land Nordmandsdalsfigurer in Fredensborg Palace Park.



broderede duge fra 1600-tallet. Frederiksborg Castle Museum houses a significant collection of fabrics and embroidered tablecloths from the 1600s. They show contemporary advanced sewing and embroidery skills. The embroidered family arms express the nobility strong family consciousness. Other motifs are taken from the Bible and nature.


billedhuggeren H. E. Freund Furniture Group subscribed in 1830 to the sculptor HE Freund for his own home. The inspiration for the furniture is picked up in the ancient world.

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