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What makes diamonds so special? As a diamond dealer and gemologist it's quite easy to explain. It's because of their rarity. There are only a limited amount of diamonds in good quality and for use in jewelry. A consumer might say it's their association with love and beauty.


DALBY DIAMONDS are working as one of Scandinavia’s most trusted and respected providers in today’s diamond industry. Our mission is to provide a highly skilled service and to supply the Scandinavian and European Private Consumer Market with high end diamond jewellery and investment diamonds at competitive prices with up to 70% better value compared to high street jewellers.


All diamonds from DALBY DIAMONDS are certified from the world’s foremost authority on diamonds, Gemological Institute of America(GIA), which insures 100% pure and natural origin.

Our business model is built on knowledge, integrity and responsibility. By supporting The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), a joint initiative between world leaders and the diamond industry, DALBY DIAMONDS take full responsibility for delivering conflict free diamonds.

DALBY DIAMONDS  Copenhagen Monaco – Marbella – New York     contact   Phone DK: +45 7172 7274

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