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Region Nordjylland omfatter det tidligere Nordjyllands Amt samt de dele af Viborg Amt der ligger nord for Limfjorden, herunder øen Mors. Desuden den nordligste del af det nedlagte Århus Amt hvor byen Mariager ligger. Regionens centralforvaltning er placeret i Regionshuset i Aalborg Øst. Region Nordjylland har 589.936 indbyggere (2020) og består af 11 kommuner.

Region North Jutland (Nordjylland) include the former North Jutland County and the parts of  Viborg County is located in North West Jutland, including the island of Mors. In addition, the northernmost part of the disused Aarhus County where the city is located Mariager.

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Region North Jutland (Nordjylland) include the former North Jutland County and the parts of  Viborg County is located in North West Jutland, including the island of Mors. In addition, the northernmost part of the disused Aarhus County where the city is located Mariager. The region's central administration is located in Region House in Aalborg.. North Jutland has 580,272 inhabitants (2013) and covers 7.910 km²

Province Area Populat. Density
Nordjylland Nord 1,937 km² 210,968 64/km²
Towns: Hjørring Frederikshavn   Brønderslev
Nordjylland Vest 2,320 km² 112.000 65/km²
Towns: Thisted Brovst Nykøbing M
Nordjylland Syd 2,185 km² 260.569 78/km²
Towns: Aalborg Mariager Hadsund Arden

Government functions in Region of Northern Denmark carried out by the State Administration of Northern Denmark.

North Jutland (Northern Denmark) is characterized by sea and Water - to the west the North Sea to the east Kattegat and through the region intersects the fjord itself. Therefore, you can experience a very special light in this part of the country, which also calls itself the Land of Light.


The landscape is rough with white beaches, impressive cliffs and dunes, heather hills and forests. Thanks to the prevailing westerlies of the trees tend to lean the same way, to the east. Limfjord is less dramatic, hilly and green with small sounds, inlets and bays.


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Visit Northern Denmark
When you visit Smiling Denmark, A must is visit the stunning countryside of Northern Jutland in Denmark (Northern Denmark) located 6 hours by train or just one hour by flight from Copenhagen. The farmhouses and small towns give the area a distinctive charm and the east and west coast boast the finest, whitest and broadest sandy beaches in Northern Europe, so it is the perfect break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Blokhus beach Northern Denmark
Blokhus beach Northern Denmark

Take the bus or rent a car and enjoy the countryside scenery along your way to one of the many small towns along the west coast. Summer favourites are Løkken and Blokhus, which are situated 15 km from each other and face out to Skagerrak. Relax at the cosy cafés, shops and of course the beaches, which are some of the finest, whitest and broadest in Northern Europe. The west coast is also perfect for a bicycle holiday.

Jomfru Ane Gade Alborg Denmark
Jomfru Ane Gade Alborg

Visit Aalborg
Having landed in the airport of Aalborg, you have arrived in Denmark’s fourth biggest city with around 250,000 inhabitants. Start with lunch at the very famous “Jomfru Ane Gade” / Virgin Ane Gade, a street consisting of only restaurants and bars. Order a classic Danish dish, “Sildebord” which consists of all kinds of Scandinavian fishes and accompany with local schnapps called Akvavit - a great old Danish tradition. 

To work off your lunch visit Jens Bangs Steenhus, Aalborghus Slot, the Utzon Center or just relax on a boat trip across the Limfjord or on an open bus tour. 

End the day by visiting the Aalborg Tower and get an amazing view of Aalborg and the nearby countryside. You can enjoy dinner up there as well, or alternatively choose from some of the city’s many restaurants, all within walking distance.

Virgin Ane Gade is the largest global discotheque, café and restaurant street where both young and mature experience of high class entertainment.
 Every week there is live music and entertainment show at establishments with high quality in terms of lighting, sound and decor. 

the northern most point in Denmark
the northern most point in Denmark
the most northern town in Denmark, Skagen
the most northern town in Denmark, Skagen

Visit the most northern town in Denmark, Skagen.  
Don´t forget this amazing adventure in the most northern town in Denmark, Skagen. It is rich in culture and famous for its unique bright light, attracting painters throughout history with P.S. Krøyer, Michael Ancher and Anna Ancher being the most famous. 

Enjoy breakfast in one of the many cafés at the harbour and watch the yachts mooring. 

Then visit the Den tilsandede kirke, a church buried in sand where only the tower stands today. 

Another attraction is Råbjerg Mile which is a migrating coastal dune between Skagen and Frederikshavn. It is the largest in Northern Europe, containing a total of 4 million m³ of sand. 


For the icing on top, take “the sandworm” (sandormen) to the northern most point in Denmark, Grenen. This is the site to witness the Skagerrak and Kattegat seas meet. After a few happy snaps of this unique show of nature, enjoy the evening at Skagen Fiskerestaurent, a cosy restaurant with sand on the floor and a great view of the harbour.

Danish Farmhouse
Danish Farmhouse

Visit a Farm or farmhouse
For a real city escape, spend a day and visit a farm - a holiday type which is currently having its renascence in smiling Denmark

Get memorable experiences of how life was back in the days in beautiful and relaxing surroundings. At the farm you can milk the cows, collect fresh eggs and pick strawberries, raspberries or peas. Alternatively, head to the forest and pick wild mushrooms and blackberries. The east coast offers many farmhouse stay opportunities.

There are two ways in which to enjoy farmlife. One is to have a guest room in a farmhouse, take the meals with the host and be a part of the family. These are farm holidays, and you have a choice of accommodation with breakfast or half board. An alternative is a self-catering arrangement whereby you rent either a separate cottage or flat on the farm. These are self catering country holiday.

Palm Beach Frederikshavn
Palm Beach Frederikshavn

Visit Palm Beach Frederikshavn - the town’s playground 

Palm Beach Frederikshavn
Palm Beach Frederikshavn

  A day on Frederikshavn Palm Beach stays fixed in your memory. Sun, sand, the sea and the palms invite visitors to laze on a sunbed for a modest charge of 20 kroner. And there are beach volleyball and beach handball courts for those who just can’t sit still. If it’s too hot there is also a volleyball court in the sea and there are always the famous giant ice cream cones from the ice cream booth.

There are also the attractive North Jutland beaches north of Frederikshavn Palm Beach
such as Strandby, Bratten and Jerup.

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