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Syddanmark byder på et væld af inspirerende møde- og kongresfaciliteter – små som store – med i alt 20.000 hotelværelser og alle tænkelige faciliteter. Læg hertil masser af kulturelle og kulinariske oplevelser og et rigt natur- og byliv inden for kort rækkevidde.

Visit Region Southern Denmark

Visit Region Southern Denmark

Visit Dybbøl Mill , A Danish national symbol
Dyboel Mill / Dybøl Mølle Denmark The story of Dybbøl Mill is one of war, burnings and four re-building, which today means that Dybbøl Mill is one of the country's most famous national symbols. The first edition of the mill was built in wood, and was completed in 1745. which unfortunately burned down 55år later due to lightning. The compensation which was bricked up, did not stop against the Germans shelling in the first war in 1850. War of 1864 was tough at the mill, which once again had to suffer a harsh fate. After the war, the new mill was built, and was also intact after reunification in 1920. It had to be reinstated again in 1936 after having been burned down due to an electrical fault. The version of the mill still stands today and is the one you can experience at Dybbøl Banke.

Visit Givskud Zoo ,
Givskud zoo Denmark Just like Legoland Givskud also only 30 minutes drive from the Hotel Australia. In the park you can see lions being fed, a ride on the savannah or enjoy a picnic. Givskud Zoo is open from April to October.

Region of Southern Denmark
Region of Southern Denmark The Region of Southern Denmark is the bridge between eastern and western Denmark and the gateway to the European continent. It is the only region in Denmark connected with another country - Germany. The total area of the region is 12,191 square kilometres. The region has about 1.2 million inhabitants.

Employment and jobs
There are just over 600,000 jobs in the region. Public and personnel services constitute the largest business sector in the region (34%). The second largest is the retail, hotel and restaurant business, which employs 19% of the region's citizens. This is closely followed by the manufacturing industry, the financial sector and the service industry, which have an employment rate of 18%.

Competences in the region
The Region of Southern Denmark is a development-oriented and innovative region with great potential as a bridge-builder between the rest of Denmark and Germany.

Region of Southern Denmark

The region has the third-largest university in the country, the University of Southern Denmark with education and research facilities in Odense, Kolding, Esbjerg and Sønderborg/Flensburg. In addition, Aalborg University Centre, AUC, has a campus in Esbjerg – Aalborg University Esbjerg.

Within health research and education, the university works closely with Odense University Hospital (OUH), one of the largest and most modern hospitals in Scandinavia. OUH is highly specialised within heart and coronary diseases, limb replants, cancer and treatment of difficult wounds.

Fast growing industries
In addition to the health sector, the Region of Southern Denmark has one of the fastest-growing industrial areas that run parallel with the motorway from the German borders up through the region. Initially, heavy industry was the main sector, but has since been joined by a wide range of import/export and trading firms.

Several of the region's companies are world-renowned. They include Lego in Billund, Lindø in Munkebo, the offshore industry in Esbjerg, Gumlink near Vejle, Danfoss in Nordborg and ECCO Denmark in Tønder.

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