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institutioner All 3220 Tisvilde,3220 Tisvilde Nordsjælland

foreninger Turistforeninger Tisvilde

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Lis Freisner
Tibirkevej 15
3220 Tisvilde
Telf.: +45 3024 9641
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Tisvilde lokalråd

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Tisvilde Local Council 

Tisvilde Local Council is an repræsentativ group chosen of and among the  citizens in Tibirke Sogn.

Tisvilde Lokalråd Tisvildeleje

Lokalrådet should of members and Funktion be the independent of political regard.

Local Council's purpose is to safeguard the interests of the community that promote its evolution and to seek to have their say in matters concerning the community. The Council will act as the interface between the community and the municipality of Gribskov and other agencies.

Among some of the visible task Local Council accepts is:

  • Work on the Flea Market at Birkepladsen
  • Advent Event and Christmas tree
  • Midsummer bonfire on the beach together with Tisvilde Business Association

Acting Executive in October 2013.

Lis Freisner Formand Tisvilde Lokalråd Tisvildeleje Chaerman
Lis Freisner
Tibirkevej 15
3220 Tisvildeleje
3024 9641
  Allan Christensen Tisvilde Lokalråd Tisvildeleje Member
Allan Christensen
Nyvej 13A
3220 Tisvildeleje
2129 6917
Helle Dyrting Næstformand Tisvilde Lokalråd Tisvildeleje Næstformand
Helle Dyrting
Granhaven 6
3220 Tisvildeleje
4017 2032
  Eskil Borup Tisvilde Lokalråd Tisvildeleje Member
Eskil Borup
Helenekildevej 5
3220 Tisvildeleje
4870 4522
Vibeke Hagstrøm Kasserer Tisvilde Lokalråd Tisvildeleje Kasserer
Vibeke Hagstrøm
Tisvilde Bygade 47
3220 Tisvildeleje
2529 2213
  Dennis Duelund Tisvilde Lokalråd Tisvildeleje Member
Dennis Duelund
Tjørnevej 6
3220 Tisvildeleje
2248 1001
Robert Iversen Tisvilde Lokalråd Tisvildeleje Member
Robert Iversen
Stuebjerggårsvej 4B
3220 Tisvildeleje
4870 8432
  Britta Køster Tisvilde Lokalråd Tisvildeleje Substitute
Britta Køster
Stuebjerggårdsvej 2 B
3220 Tisvildeleje
2067 9904
Steen Garde
Haagen-Müllersvej 4
3220 Tisvildeleje
4876 5216
  Revisor suppleant
Jørgen Larsen
Vesterprisvej 6
3220 Tisvildeleje
4870 9075