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Vestre Stejlebakke 2 A
3100 Hornbaek
Telf.: +45 20 47 44 92
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Visit Hornbaek

Hornbaek is situated in the North Sealand only 50 km from Copenhagen, easy to access by car as well as by train.

For over a century, Hornbaek has been one of the most preferred summer locations where the Danes spend their summer vacations – also  artists due to the special light in the summer. Hornbaek is a quaint village that has 5.600 permanent inhabitants and in the summer months, the number increases to around 30.000.

Visit Nordsjælland - Kongernes Nordsjælland
Nationalpark Kongernes Nordsjælland
National Park the Kings North Zealand

You will find a typical Danish summer retreat with many small shops, cafés, restaurants, health spa and opportunities for recreational walks along the pictures beaches and biking tours in the beautiful landscape offering a perfect vacation experience alongside the sporting event. Hornbaek has everything to offer, beautiful white beaches, a unique selection of excellent restaurants and a wide choice of shops and boutiques which remain open every day all year round.

Hornbaek is a small town with everything within walking distance, - good restaurants in hornbæk and a magnificent nature surrounded by the national park of North Zealand

Hornbæk strand Nordsjælland
Hornbaek beach

Guests to North Zealand
Hornbaek welcomes its day-to-day, weekend and holiday guests today, as Hornbaek has been doing for more than 120 years as a holiday and leisure paradise for Copenhageners.

 Hornbaek has, like most of North Zealand, a large amount of summer houses, most of which are not rented out, but are owned and inhabited on weekends and summer by Copenhageners.

Hornbæk is characterized by the somewhat special form of integrated tourism, where the same guests come to town again and again, and live in the city all summer and commute to Copenhagen at work.

If you are looking for a holiday in Hornbæk, it is important to be in good time if you want to rent a cottage or annexe or stay at our beautiful hotels, guesthouses, our campsite in Hornbaek or privately at one of our many Bed & Breakfast in Hornbaek.

Hornbæk havn Nordsjælland
Hornbaek Harbour

Hornbaek Harbour
Hornbaek Harbour is a picturesque Danish harbour featuring every type of boat, including small fishing boats. It is highly popular among sailors from Denmark and neighbouring countries. Beautiful beaches surround both sides of the harbour, which also has a public area with a large natural playground and barbecue facilities.

The natural center of the city is the harbor, a small and pleasant harbor with lots of atmosphere. Here are many traditions where you can: - Sit and enjoy a relaxing moment, - Build, repair or piss with your boat, - Sail or watch a kapsejlads, - Take a trip with fishing rod and dinghy, - Go on the moleræs at sunset, - Fishing for Crabs or Eating Fish & Chips at the Fish House.

Bageren i Hornbæk  Nordsjælland
The baker in Hornbaek

The residents
Hornbaek has about 6,000 inhabitants with the harbor as the center, surrounded by the old fishing village, summer houses and a commercial street and restaurants within walking distance. 

The older detached houses are located in a radius of approximately 3 km from the center, like school, nursing homes, institutions and sports facilities located within this distance.

There are many families in Hornbaek. Families who appreciate the paradise it is for families. 

Many holiday home owners have also chosen to enjoy their otium in this holiday paradise.
Hornbaek, once a fishing village, is now home to many commuters with work in the Copenhagen area.

There are only a few full-time fishermen back in town, but many enjoy life as recreational fishermen.

Close to Hornbaek you can visit Kronborg castle (Home of Shakespeare’s Hamlet) Denmark’s most famous castle, immortalised by Shakespeare back in the 1600s. In Elsinore (only 15 minutes from Hornbaek) you can take the ferry to Sweden. Copenhagen is only 35 minutes away, just waiting to be explored!

What happens in the area.
Read more about events and activities in North Zealand area.

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Vestre Stejlebakke 2A,
Tlf. +45 20 47 44 92