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institutioner All 3250 Gilleleje,3250 Gilleleje Nordsjælland

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Gilleleje Stationsvej 10
3250 Gilleleje
Telf.: +45 48300174
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Gilleleje Turistinformation Danmark

Gilleleje Turistinformation

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Gilleleje Touristinformation

Gilleleje is located in the municipality of Gribskov by Zealand's northernmost point, Gilbjerghoved. The city has managed to retain much of the original fishing hamlet narrow streets and old thatched roof houses. Gilleleje is a lively tourist trade and fishing village Zealand's biggest fishing as its natural center.Gilleleje havn

The Name Gilleleje

The name Gilleleje of the word "gil" which means divide, and "rent", which was a place on the coast where fishing hamlet. Settlements can sopres back to the 1300s. They lived in the period in prmitive fish stalls on the beach. It is also medieval large herring fishing in the Sound.

Gilleleje Harbour

The active port
Gilleleje havn The smell of tar, fish and marine wraps itself around you when you go for a walk at Gilleleje Harbour. The sound of fishing boats cozy chimney sounds mingle with the sounds of the shipyard, which hammered and hammered, and later in the day, sounds will be added to the many guest chatter.

Whether you come early in the morning or early evening, you can be sure that there is always life at Gillleleje Harbour.

The port is a commercial port (fishing), but in the summer season, the area is utilized as a guest harbor for boaters when there is a vacancy.
The facilities are not all located on the harbor, but in its vicinity.
Launderette in town 200m. Sailmakers can be called by. phone.
New toilet and bathing facilities.

Opening Hours Gilleleje port:
Breakfast 7:00 to 8:00 - Afternoon 16:30 to 17:30 - Evening (only season) 20:00 to 22:00.
Watch Phone hour at: 40 16 66 63 - port guard.

Annual Events

Gilleleje has an active cultural life with annual festivals and events, for example.

Jazz på Havnen
Kunst i Filet'en
Sildens dag

Stay up to date on Website.

At the tourist information you can get omformationer on accommodation, restaurants, attraktoner, events and you can get good cards and flyers telling about the local area. Welcome

Gilleleje tourist information
Gilleleje Stationsvej 10
3250 Gilleleje 

Contact : Turistchef Tommy Seier
Phone : +45 48300174