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institutioner All 3000 Helsing��r,3000 Helsing��r Nordsjælland

foreninger Turistforeninger Elsinore

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Christian Holm Donatzky
Christian Holm Donatzky historian MA
3000 Elsinore
Telf.: +45 28 49 44 35
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Byvandringer Helsingør History Tours Danmark
Sct. Olai Kirke

Byvandringer Helsingør History Tours

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Elsinore History Tours

History Tours start a new season, we start with walks in medieval Elsinore every Saturday. 12 in March from Havnepladsen by Sveasøjlen.
History Tours organizes city walks and events in Copenhagen and Elsinore.

Meeting place in Elsinore: Havnepladsen by Sveasøjlen