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Visit Nordsjælland - Kongernes Nordsjælland

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Welcome to the King's playground North Zealand - Copenhagen's green front, the Danish Riviera and National Park, the King's North Zealand

Visit Nordsjælland - Kongernes Nordsjælland
Visit North Sealand - Culture Yard 

Here you will find idyllic coastal towns, castles like Hamlets Castle Kronborg, museums like Louisiana, green landscapes, information on accommodation such as beach hotels, events, attractions, art, restaurants, shopping, towns, ports, etc. Get inspiration for your next vacation, whether you want to relax on a beautiful beach along the Danish Riviera or be active in nature.

Visit North Sealand.
Elsinore Tourist Office is open all year. And is located in the old building Toldkammeret just opposite Elsinore Station, centrally located in relation to the city center and the cultural harbor with cultural heritage, M / S Museum for Maritime and Kronborg.

When you are in Elsinore, we recommend "Elsinore City Walk" where we designate 10 MUST SEE attractions in Elsinore, You can start from your Kronborg Visit, or uou can visit Kronborg on the route

The Nordic cuisine and Traditionel Danish Lunch 
Nordic cuisine has been on a heart-pounding rollercoaster journey over the past decade and today Denmark is among the World’s most innovative and exciting in the field of gastronomy.  Read More about Nordic Cuisine

If you are a guest on a cruise ship or otherwise visiting Elsinore, do not miss "a taste of Denmark" that you can experience authentic at a local restaurant in the Hamlet town of Elsinore, which serves Danish open sandwiches (Smoerrebroed),

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Hamlets Castle Elsinore
Kronborg - Hamlets Castle Elsinore

On the northwestern tip of North Zealand, the peninsula Halsnaes is encircled by Kattegat, Isefjord and Roskilde Fjord. There are many beautiful views of land and water, and in the summer season a small ferry sails from Soelager to Kulhuse. From there there are cards for Jaegerspris Castle and Jaegerspris Nordskov with old oaks, some of which are 1000 years old.

Knud Rasmussens hus Hundested - Kongernes Nordsjælland
polar scientist Knud Rasmussens House,

In Hundested, the small fishing village has evolved into a busy fishing port. On Skansen over the city lies the polar scientist Knud Rasmussen's House, and north of Hundested you will find Kikhavn, one of the region's oldest fishing villages. Today the fishing village with the many thatched houses is protected.

In the Middle Ages, the Esrum Monastery was one of Denmark's largest. Today, only one single building is left with the old Esrum Mill farm. Exciting exhibitions tell you about the monastic life then, and in June you can experience a huge medieval market at the Esrum Monastery.

Louisiana Museum for Modern Art i Humlebæk
Louisiana Museum for Modern Art in Humlebaek

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk is Denmark's most visited museum with Danish and international art and frequent exhibitions. Close by is Nivaagaard Painting Collection and Flynderupgård with older art and cultural history, and in Rungsted you will find the Karen Blixen Museum, which is decorated in the author's home at Rungstedlund. Here she wrote her famous stories, including 'The African Farm'.


Kajakroning på Arresø - Kongernes Nordsjælland
Kajaking on Lake Arresoe

Local residents' recommendation
Gribskov is breathtaking and dramatic. Arresoe is incredibly beautiful. But I mostly love Tisvilde Fence, Troldeskoven and the stretch between Tisvilde and Liseleje. Here the beaches in front of the forest are lovely open. What matters most to me are my two hotels in Tisvildeleje. Both with a history living in the houses and reminiscent of a bygone era; A good mix of nostalgia and modern comfort. When you arrive at Tisvilde, you can do nothing but lower your shoulders and go to a nature that is difficult to match anywhere in the world.

Museet for Søfart i Helsingør.
Museet for Søfart i Helsingør.

Have you not been to North Zealand before, you must experience ...
Rudolf Tegner Museum and Statue Park are a great place at all times of the year. With its sculpture park, it is also a place to take a picnic basket. Other cultural gems are Kulturværftet and the Maritime Museum in Helsingør. Both are obvious excursions, where the history of the old shipyard area meets today's amazing architecture with beautiful views of Kronborg. And then Hornbæk will of course be experienced on a hot summer day with the beautiful white sandy beaches, the amazing atmosphere and the laid back summer atmosphere.

J.F. Willumsens Museum Frederikssund
J.F. Willumsens Museum

J.F. Willumsens Museum
J.F. Willumsens Museum Run by Frederikssund Municipality with the support of the state. The museum was opened in 1957 in a building created for the purpose of architect Tyge Hvass.

The collection includes a wide selection of J.F. Willumsen's paintings, drawings, pastels, graphics, ceramics, sculpture, photographs and architecture. The works have come to the museum in Frederikssund, either through Willumsen's willary gift or through ongoing acquisitions of works, often as funded purchases.


There are gifts throughout the area. Tisvilde has a special magic and unpretentious lovely energy. In the summer, ride bikes and beach trips, where winter shows the city in another beautiful and peaceful way. I enjoy going a long trip from the P-square in Lejet towards Liseleje without being disturbed by civilization. Violent natural and violently 

Restaurant Sletten kro Humlebæk
Restaurant Sletten  Humlebaek habour
Tlf. +45 49 19 13 21

Then I love a real gourmet dinner or lunch at Restaurant Sletten, in the beautiful Humlebæk Harbor. It's lovely unpretentious and really delicious food right out to the sea.

Cafe Olai Helsingør
Café Olai
+45 49 20 16 07

Elsinore Café Olai Is definitely also recommendable to a nice down to earth city lunch. And then it is always recommended to keep in a wood-resting place, go deep into the woods and enjoy a little breath for just 20 minutes. It's so beautiful with the amazing scenery as close to, both summer and winter, when you're out in the area. There is so much nature, so many wonderful areas. That's what North Zealand really can.

Café Olai has a well-groomed renumé that extends far beyond the country's borders and Café Olai is one of the best eateries in Elsinore and is regularly mentioned   in the magazines Travel News and Globetrotter, as part of Elsinores culture.

You will find Café Olai at

Table booking Phone: +45 49 20 16 07
ore online Café Olai Table booking.

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