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Fredensborg  Indbyggere: 8382
Fredensborg Kommune: Thomas Lykke Pedersen
Kommunens Indbyggere: 39585
Større byFredensborg
International Lufthavn: Copenhagen
Distance til: Fredensborg 25 km
Område: Nordsjælland
Region: Region Hovedstaden
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Fredensborg ligger ved Esrum Sø og er omgivet af smuk natur, et idyllisk bymiljø tæt på strand samt et utal af attraktioner og museer inden for få kilometers radius.

Fredensborg Slot er et smukt, hvidt barokslot fra det 18. århundrede, der stadigvæk den dag i dag har status blandt de danske slotte som regentparrets mest benyttede residens.

Fredensborg Slotshave er en af Danmarks største og bedst bevarede barokhaver. Her kan du blandt andet opleve Nordmandsdalen med 70 skulpturer af norske og færøske bønder og fiskere.

Hvert år tilbringer regentparret flere måneder både i foråret og om efteråret på det smukke Fredensborg Slot.

Slottet er et barokslot fra 1700-tallet og slottet bruges ofte i forbindelse med større begivender i kongefamilien så som ved bryllupsfester og fødselsdagsfester, ligesom det er her statsoverhoveder fra hele verden modtages.

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Fredensborg Slot

Fredensborg slot It has become a tradition that major royal family events and celebrations are held at Fredensborg Palace. The tradition comes from King Christian 9 - also known as Europe's father - who collected his family from across Europe to party and vacation at Fredensborg - the so called Fredensborg-day in the late 1800's.

Fredensborg Castle is by Danish large. It has 1142 rooms and has a park on 120 acres - with nearly 45 acres lawns, making it suitable for summer parties with many guests. Alone at Fredensborg Castle may 70 Royal guests stay overnight. In addition, comfortable space at the nearby inn for more guests.

The reason to Fredensborg Castle was built already in Frederick 3th. in the 1600s. is that Queen Sophie Amalie court servant Jacob Pedersen built a "Dutch House", from where there was established the seven avenues, which also today beginning at peaceful citizens Star Square. Near the present inn the queen had a farmyard, Østrup, by Frederik 4th. later took over and tore down. Instead built he is a country house and in 1722 a one-story palace - the first phase of the current Fredensborg Castle. Fredensborg Palace was built by J.C. Krieger, who also drew the Fredensborg Palace Church in Dutch Baroque influence. Under Christian 6th. and Frederik  5th. Fredensborg Palace was expanded both in height and extent.Fredensborg slot There was established hunting trails along the seven ancient avenues. Marble Garden with sculptures of J. Wiedewelt and Nordmandsdalen with sculptures of J.G. Site was established.

From end of 1700 lost royal family interest Fredensborg Palace and it was rarely used. Fredensborg Palace began to decay, and was used to offices, the Chancellery was used as aftægtsbolig for retired officers and for a time was part of Fredensborg Castle even used as barracks. However, the park was transformed into English style in this period.

During Christian 9 beat Fredensborg Palace, however, a new heyday. The king, through his daughters delivered queens for both England, Greece and Russia, gathered his international family at Fredensborg Palace, which thereby became one of the most popular royal palaces in Europe. There are stories of these day about how the Russian Czar Alexander d. 3 enjoyed being away from formal obligations in Sct. Petersburg. Allegedly some of the other royal complaining about naughty children's behavior, which proved to be the Tsar's playful work. During the many celebrations was a tradition that visitors kings and presidents wrote their name with diamond palace windows the park. This tradition still kept alive. Last In particular, U.S. President Bill Clinton signed his name on one of peaceful citizens panes.

Among the Royal celebrations which are held at Fredensborg Castle is the engagement between princess Dagmar and the Grand Duke, heir to the throne of Russia on 23 June The 1866th Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim have all had our wedding at Fredensborg Castle, and Queen have celebrated their silver wedding at Fredensborg Castle. Last baptized Crown Prince couple's newborn princess in the chapel, with subsequent party at Fredensborg Palace.

As Dowager Queen Ingrid lived at Fredensborg Castle in his last year when she was not at Amalienborg Palace or Gravenstein. Here she lived in the Chancellery, which was subsequently refurbished and taken over by Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary. They live here with Prince Christian and the newborn prinsessse.

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