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Elsinore  Population: 61800
Danish: Helsingør
Helsingør Kommune: Mayor Benedikte Kiær
Kommunens Indbyggere: 63.000
Larger cityElsinore
International Airport: Copenhagen
Distance til: Elsinore 53 Km.
Local Area: North Sealand
Rigion: Capital Region of Denmark
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Elsinore is a culture city with deep roots in history. World famous for Kronborg Castle, Shakespeare´s Hamlet near Øresund, which was the basis for the city´s prosperity for more than 400 years. In recent times was focused on Elsinore Shipyard - now converted to Culture Yard, a dynamic cultural center with concerts, theater, main library, etc. The Culture harbor, which is under construction with particular the new Maritime Museum, connects the Kronborg Castle with the center of Elsinore in an inspiring meeting between past and present.

Elsinore is one of the best places for Angling, sea fishing and deep sea fishing

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Helsingor, also known as “Elsinore” lies about 45 kilometres (28 miles) north of Copenhagen. Elsinore has 60,000 inhabitants and is surrounded by the The Sound (Oresund) - the stretch of water between Denmark and Sweden. Helsingør is the closest Danish city to Sweden. The Cities of Helsingør / Elsinore, Denmark and Helsingborg, Sweden are separated by a mere 4,000 metres (2.5 miles) of water and a short ferry ride of twenty minutes

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The riviera of the Nordic Capital region and Kronborg Castle
Elsinore lies in the middle of Northern Europe's riviera close to Grib Forest, with bathing beaches such as Hornbæk and Gilleleje within easy reach. At the entrance to the Sound lies the Renaissance castle Kronborg, which is known throughout the world as the Elsinore of Shakespeare's Hamlet. In the area around Elsinore, there are other castles worth a visit, such as Fredensborg Castle, Frederiksborg Castle, Marienlyst Castle, Gurre Castle ruin and Vor Frue Kloster.

Louisiana, Karen Blixen and a maritime museum
Elsinore is the principal city in northern Zealand with quaint pedestrian streets and a cathedral, Sankt Olai Kirke, located in the centre. From Elsinore harbour, there is a frequent car ferry service to Helsingborg in Sweden. Kronborg castle also houses the Danish Maritime Museum. If you like art, you will enjoy viewing the collections at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and Nivaagaard. The Karen Blixen Museum south of Elsinore offers a unique insight into the life of the Danish writer.

Helsingor / Elsinore is a very historical place with richly coloured, well preserved architecture and cobblestone streets. It has a small-town . There are castles, museums, churches, woods and golden, clean beaches to see.

Once the home of  Vikings, todays Danes resemble little of their forefathers - only in stature. They are modest, reserved and straight-at-you sort of people. Danes are very helpful to tourists and most speak proficient English. They are strong believers in equality and fairness.

The City of Elsinore / Helsingør s history can be traced back to 70 AD. In about the 12th century, the first settlers arrived at the Kronborg Hamlets Castle Elsinore narrowest point of the Sound. Prior to the Middle Ages it was a marketplace where people sold goods. In ca. 1200 its first church (St. Olai Church) was founded and still stands today on St.Olai Street, a minute’s walk from the centre of Elsinore town. In ca. 1601 Shakespeare wrote Hamlet with Elsinore / Helsingør s Kronborg Castle as its setting and inThe litle Danes 1816 Elsinore Theatre opened.


Helsingør has some of the best golden, brown beaches in Denmark and unlike many other European countries, they are not overly crowded. Helsingor’s beaches start at Kronborg and stretch from Nordhavnen towards Hotel Marienlyst.


Cafe Olai Helsingør Visit Restaurant Cafe Olai offers traditional Danish meals and the famous Danish open sanwich and pastry, Restaurant Cafe Olai is located centrally in Helsingor. The portions are overwhelming and you get great value for money. It’s best to reserve ahead.
Sct Olaigade 19,
3000 Elsinore / Helsingør,
TEL: 49 20 16 07The litle Coffe House Elsinore
Cafe Olai.dk
Open from 11.00 - 23.00.
Kitchen closes at 21.00.


There are many quaint stores in Helsingor / Elsinore all within walking distance of one another between Stjernegade and Stengade streets. The downtown area is very harmonious and charming. “The Bycentret’ shopping centre has approximately 33 shops. Fotex, Netto and Fakta are discount grocery stores. (Try “melt in your mouth” Lurpak butter.)

Sundtoldmarked Helsingør Denmark
Ure og Smykker

We are particularly proud of our many specialist shops, offering a little of everything, and these particular create the mood that makes you think back to the proud Sound Tax City, Kronbog and the exciting history of the town. Visit the most charming Watches Gold and Jewellery shop

There is a world-class 18-hole golf course. If you are an adventurer interested in hiking or cycling, Elsinore is the best. There are user-friendly bicycle paths over most of Denmark. Opportunities for sailing and swimming abound. Don’t be surprised if you see Danes swimming in the winter months. Brrrr!

The best time to visit Elsinore / Helsingør would be in June, July or August. Denmark has a temperate climate. This means that it never gets extremely cold or extremely hot. Denmark s coldest month is usually February, with an average temperature of 31 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 degree Celsius). The warmest month is July, with an average temperature of 62 degrees Fahrenheit (17 degrees Celsius) degrees. A breeze blows clean salt air almost every day.


Visit Elsinore By Air
Most major airlines fly to Copenhagen Denmark. Delta, American Airlines, Air Canada, British Airways, Air France all offer flights. There are trains that run every twenty minutes from Kastrup Airport, Copenhagen directly to Helsingør. Travelling to Helsingør by train takes about an hour and costs about 80 crowns. There are also car rental agencies at the airport of course.

Visit Elsinore By Sea
Scandlines sails from Elsinore to Sweden.
TEL: 45 3315 1515
scandlines.dk Helsingør
Open: 24 hours/day
COST: Ca. 500 crowns/return with vehicle.

Like most things in Denmark, public transportation is orderly and efficient.

TEL: 45 3613 1415
COST: varies - ask about a “clip card (klippekort)” to save up to 50% on a ticket. It can be used on both bus and train. Trains run to Copenhagen, Kastrup Airport and Malmo, Sweden every 20 minutes.
Tel: 45 7013 1415

A vehicle rental can cost about 600 crowns a day and rules vary as to how long you’ve had your driver’s license etc.

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