Den Gamle by Århus Danmark
Den Gamle by Århus
Km2: 10.000 m2
Største byAarhus
Dansk: Århus
Indbyggere i Århus: 242914
International Lufthavn: Aarhus
Region: Region Midtjylland
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At besøge den gamle by i Århus, er som at træde ind i en lille dansk by med 16 -, 17 - og 1.800-tals huse, boliger, butikker og værksteder. Alle mursten, tømmer, fliser, møbler, tæpper og plader er originale og er flytted fra byer over hele Danmark.

Visit Old town Arhus

Welcome to the Old Town Aarhusthe Old Town Aarhus Denmark
To visit the Old Town is like stepping into a small Danish town in 16 -, 17 - and 1,800-century houses, residences, shops and garages.
All brick, timber, tiles, furniture, rugs and plates are original and moved from cities from all over Denmark.
We are in the process of building two new districts, which shows the 1900-century history.
There are studies and research behind everything we do. Mason slake its lime, painter mixes his paints. And the historical costumes of the staff carries in Living History are replicas.
The museum has great museum collections of watches, toys, posters, costumes, silverware and more.
The world-famous Michelin Guide gives the Old City to the maximum three stars, and the museum is on the list of world's 1000 largest attractions.
More than 350,000 visitors annually the Old City.
Bus routes: 3, 14, 25 og 55.

Denmark at that timethe Old Town Aarhus Denmark
In the Old City, the story is a fairy tale. Mon fascinated, amused, astonished, frightened - and getting something home with him. The Old City is a vivid picture of life as it once was. Here you can meet people of the past, see their living rooms and kitchens, smell their gardens. You can try the old-fashioned games, and discover travel in exhibitions and museums for all sorts of things. You can pet the horses and must beware of the geese. The inn is coffee and cake, and the basement is beer.
The museum consists of three sections, each telling their part of the history of Denmark
- The market town before 1900 - which shows life from Christian IV's time to HC Andersen
- New Times in 1927 - from when Mads Skjern came to Korsbæk
- Since the 1970s oil crisis struck and we had joined the EC
In addition it includes the Old City a number of exhibitions and museums:

Christmas in Den Gamle ByChristmas Old Town Aarhus Denmark

Find the authentic Christmas in Den Gamle By (which can be translated to "The Old Town") from November 20th 2010 until January 2nd 2011. See opening hours.

Experience how Danes have celebrated the holidays for centuries. Exciting activities await the entire family with historical shops, Living History, traditional Danish treats, Christmas market and entertainment in the weekends.

Den Gamle By has its own calm pulse in the holiday season – not least when the darkness settles over the museum and the gas lamps are lit.

For many Danes, the real Christmas spirit does not arrive until they have visited Den Gamle By.

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Facts about Den Gamle By (The Old Town) the Old Town Aarhus Denmark

In Den Gamle By there are 75 historic houses.
• the National Open Air Museum of Urban History and Culture in Denmark founded as a self-governing non-profit institution in 1909 being the world’s first open-air museum for urban cultural history

today consisting of 75 historic houses from towns and cities across Denmark, with 27 living rooms, smaller rooms and kitchens, 34 workshops and shops as well as a pharmacy, a school, a post office, a custom house and historical gardens. The museum is currently expanding with two new town districts portraying 1927 and 1974 with authentic shops and homes as well as modern exhibition halls
• a museum with a designated and outstanding collection (according to the Danish Museum-law)
• housing comprehensive, national collections of clocks and watches, furniture, stoves, silverware, delftware, toys, clothing, bicycles etc
• a living history museum from Easter to New Year
• having its own theatre (Elsinore Theatre) with opera, chamber concerts, festivals etc
• having between 330.000 and 400.000 visitors a year, of which approximately 25 percent are foreigners

The home of the Danish Centre of Urban History which is founded in cooperation with the History Department of the University of Aarhus
• having a research library with more than 100.000 volumes
• under the patronage of Her Majesty The Queen – who is also a frequent visitor

Denmark’s only three-star museum ("worth the journey in itself") outside Copenhagen area according to Guide Michelin
• one of six Danish attractions on the world list according to HillmanWonders
• a five star attraction according to the Danish Quality Assessment ("unique and world class attraction on an international level")

receiving a total of 24 million Dkr (about 3,2 million Euro) in state and municipal subsidies, while the museum itself has to find revenues of approximately 22 million Dkr (2,9 million Euros) and 1,5 mio Dkr (200.000 Euros) in sponsorships. The annual turnover is approximately 46 million Dkr (6 mio Euros).

To this must be added major projects such as the Modern Town Quarter, which are financed externally
• having approximately 120 employees ranging from curators, researchers and conservation technicians to administrative staff, craftsmen, security, cleaners and visitor’s service staff
• today having 7.000 members of the society Friends of Den Gamle By, which was founded in 1927
• having a café, tea-garden, a cellar café and an indoor picnic area.
• open all year round
• museum of the year 2009. The Danish Museum Award
• can be visited on the internet at and

Den Gamle By • Viborgvej 2 • 8000 Aarhus C • Denmark • +45 86 12 31 88 •


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