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Helsingør Bycenter Helsingør
Helsingør Bycenter STÜRUPS PLADS 1 3000 Helsingør Phone: 22 35 51 78   HomePage   Kontakt

Opening hours:
Mandag - fredag: 10.00-19.00
Lørdag: 10.00-16.00
Søndag: 11.00-16.00
Store bededag: Lukket

Helsingør City Center is a nice oasis in the heart of Helsingør.
In Helsingør City Center you will find 25 exciting shops, good eateries, fun playland for the kids and free parking.
Helsingør City Center has a wide selection of women's and men's fashion, delicacies, groceries, personal care, games, sports and home inspiration.
On Helsingør Bycenters Facebook page you will find shopping tips, current offers and information about activities.

Helsingør City Center

All days are good at shopping, and for that reason, Helsingør City Center holds Sunday openings Every sunday!
Get a quick overview of the opening hours of the stores in the center and read More about how to find your way. & Nbsp;

Helsingør City Center is a 2-storey shopping center, centrally located in Helsingør, with main entrance from the city's pedestrian street. Here you can shop in dry weather among a large selection of retail outlets and a supermarket, as well as 2 restaurants and a juice bar.
Helsingør City Center has & nbsp; 550 free parking spaces in the P-house, from which there is direct access to Helsingør City Center.

Take your friend under your arm and go shopping for the lovely Helsingør. We Has 250 specialty and grocery stores in beautiful, beautiful and weird surroundings. Have a lunch at one of our many cozy cafes and restaurants.

We look forward to seeing you in Helsingør City Center

Jørgensen & Co Modetøj Helsingør
Jørgensen & Co Modetøj Stengade 51 3000 Helsingør Phone: +45 4926 0203   HomePage   Kontakt

Opening hours:
Mandag - Torsdag 10:00 - 17:30
Fredag 10:00 - 18:00
Lørdag 10:00 - 15:00

Jørgensen & Co fashion Elsinore

Jørgensen & Co specializes in women's and men's fashion clothing and accessories. Our competent and service minded store assistants will help guide and style you in our high quality fashion.

Jan & Bo´s Lystfiskershop Helsingør
Jan & Bo´s Lystfiskershop I.L Tvedesvej 19 3000 Helsingør Phone: 49 26 26 94   HomePage   Kontakt

Opening hours:
Man - tirsd. 10:00 - 17:00
Tors - fred. 10:00 - 17:00
Lørd. 9:00 - 14:00

Jan and Bo Angler shop are located in one of DK's best fishing villages, of course, a huge selection of sea tacks and coastlines. Jan & Bo Angler shop is always completely updated on fishing throughout the Sound and along the North Coast. Jan & Bo Lystfisker shop is one of Zealand's largest bait retailers, and Jan & Bo Lystfisker shop always has fresh brushstorms, tigerworms and Canadian forests.

Danske Bank Helsingør Afd. Helsingør
Danske Bank Helsingør Afd. Stengade 57 B 3000 Helsingør Phone: 45 12 05 60   HomePage   Kontakt
Danske Bank tilbyder rådgivning og en bred vifte af finansielle produkter og serviceydelser inden for bank, bolig og realkredit, leasing, pension og forsikring. På den måde kan vi komme hele vejen rundt om din økonomi.

Du får kompetent og personlig rådgivning
Hos os vil du møde veluddannede og kompetente medarbejdere, der er klar til at lytte til og drøfte dine ønsker og planer. Vi arbejder ambitiøst og bestræber os altid på at tilbyde dig personlig og kompetent rådgivning, der tager udgangspunkt i dine ønsker og behov.
Slagter Baagø Helsingør
Slagter Baagø Bjergegade 3 3000 Helsingør Phone: +45 49 21 11 84   HomePage   Kontakt

Opening hours:
Monday: CLOSED - Tuesday: 9.00 - 17.30 - Wednesday: 9:00 to 17:30 - Thursday: 9:00 to 17:30
Friday: 9:00 to 18:00
Saturday: 9:00 to 14:00

Butcher Baagø

Butcher Baagø is one of the most well-known and well-reputed business names in Elsinore. Visit our shop and discover the wide range of homemade products. You´ll also find delicious dishes ready to take home and put in the oven.

Our knowledgeable staff are always available with advice and guidance, but does not allow you to visit us, you can see our great selection here.

Good luck and bon appétit.

SILVAN Helsingør Helsingør
SILVAN Helsingør H. C. Ørsteds Vej 12 3000 Helsingør Phone: 60 10 79 77    Kontakt
Silverline Guld & Sølv Helsingør Helsingør
Silverline Guld & Sølv Helsingør Stengade 34 3000 Helsingør Phone: 49 21 19 63    Kontakt

Opening hours:
man-tor: 10:00-17:30
fre: 10:00-18:00
lør: 10:00-15:00

Silver Line Gold & Silver Elsinore

Silverline guld og sølv Helsingør


At Silverline gold and silver in Elsinore you can purchase jewelry and watches, mens watches as well as ladies watches.

Silverline Guld & Sølv Helsingør

Silver Line Gold & Silver has one of the largest selection of watches and jewelery from the most popular brands. If you order your jewelry or watch with us, we will give free shipping. Silver Line Gold & Silver has exchange service, and we are governed by Danish law, so you can be completely at ease when you buy from Silver Line Gold & Silver Elsinore.

 In addition, we emphasize customer service very high and therefore we endeavor to answer all customer queries as quickly as possible, whether it's by phone or written request. Buy your jewelery and watches at Silver Line Gold & Silver.
- A world of contemporary jewelery and watches!

See our wide range of beautiful and adventurous call from our many dealers. At Silver Line Gold & Silver will find guaranteed just what you're looking for

Gittes Bed and Breakfast Gilleleje

Earrings are the perfect gift for any occasion. 

We strive to have as broad a range as possible so you can easily find what you are exactly looking for. 

Silver Line Gold & Silver is your jewelry dealer

In addition, the many other jewelry, Silver Line Gold & Silver jeweler's shop also has a large selection of bracelets, bangles and charms for both sexes. 

We have bracelets for men and women. Explore our wide range of bracelets, bangles and charms for both men and women.

Silver Line Gold & Silver has a wide selection of beautiful necklaces for everyone. Explore our wide range of jewelry in our jewelry store

Gittes B&B Gilleleje
Silverline Guld & Sølv on facebook

At Silver Line Gold & Silver, we have a wide assortment of trendy watches from the leading brands. We have watches for both men and women, and for every occasion - including watches for everyday wear, luxury watches, waterproof watches and more. Here at Silver Line Gold & Silver, we strive to always have an updated range in chic and stylish watches.

Silver Line Gold & Silver GUEST BOOK
Do you have rice or praise or just want to share your experience of Your visit at  Silver Line Gold & Silver - please write on my Facebook page. Preferably with photo. You are also welcome to write a review here. Thanks in advance.

Opening hours: Mon-Thu: 10:00-17:30    Fri:10:00-18:00     Sat: 10:00-15:00

Det Lille The og Kaffehus Helsingør Helsingør
Det Lille The og Kaffehus Helsingør Axeltorv 3000 Helsingør Phone: +45 4926 4936   HomePage   Kontakt

Opening hours:
man-tor: 10:00-17:30
fre: 10:00-18:00
lør: 10:00-15:00

The Small Tea & Coffeehouse Elsinore

Thehuset Axeltorv Helsingør

Coffee Tea Spices homemade chocolate and Italian Specialties.

Det Lille The & Kaffehus Helsingør

The Small Tea & Coffeehouse has chosen not to compromise on what quality is concerned.
It is our vision that the Little The- & Coffeehouse must be part of Elsinore's streetscape. All guests are welcomed in with a "welcome". 

It is very important to us that everyone should have a good, happy and professional experience. The Small The & Coffeehouse is always very responsive to changes, about what we can do better as well as changes in the assortment. What we do not know about, we will get knowledge. 

Do we not have the goods, we will get it.

Det Lille The & Kaffehus Helsingør

Tea assortment
In Tea & CoffeeHouse we only sell the bulk goods. The & Coffeehouse import most of our tea from the Germany's largest importers. Every month we get several hundred kilos of the delivered. 

Therefore, our products are always fresh and of top quality. Half of our teas are organic, of which and more. The & Coffee House has a basic range of business currently. consists of about 180 different kinds of teas.

 About 10-15 of these teas will be "floating", i.e., that they continually replaced. We measure every month on the sale of all teas and is quite responsive to guests' requests for changes in the assortment.

Det Lille The & Kaffehus Helsingør

Coffee Assortment
We sell only whole coffee beans. All beans are of high quality. The new roasted every time we place an order. Therefore, we are sure to always provide freshly roasted beans, which are full of flavor. We never grinds the coffee in advance, this is done while the guest waiting in the store. Choose from Coffee Company - -  Just Coffee  or Tea & Coffee Specialist

Det Lille The & Kaffehus Helsingør

We have a selection of homemade chocolates from Jota i Gilleleje. Further we sell delicious handmade Belgian chocolates from L’Artisan and handmade chocolates from Bruyere.


Thehuset Helsingør
Det Lille The & Kaffehus Helsingør

We sell 40-45 different spices in bulk. All the spices are "clean" spices and of top quality.


Det Lille The & Kaffehus Helsingør

Olier & balsamico
In the The Small Tea & Coffeehouse we sell "tap even" oils and balsamic best Italian quality.



Det Lille The & Kaffehus Helsingør

Cold-pressed honey from Southern Jutland. Miscellaneous English marmalade. All products from the island (jams, juices and schnapps), delicious English cookies, fudge, soft nougat, etc...


Det Lille The & Kaffehus Helsingør

Italian specialties
Various oils, balsamic, tapernade, aioli, pesto, olives, olive creams, artichokes, truffles, trøfelcreme, exquisite pasta, sambuca, limoncello etc.


Det Lille The & Kaffehus Helsingør

Gift Baskets
In the The Small Tea & Coffeehouse we put together gift baskets in all price ranges, like as desired.

In the The Small Tea & Coffeehouse we welcome new and old guests with a warm welcome in the store and we look forward to seeing you.

Thehuset Helsingør
Det Lille The & Kaffehus Helsingør
The Small Tea & Coffeehouse on facebook


Thehuset Elsinore GUEST BOOK
Do you have rice or praise or just want to share your experience of Your visit at  Det Lille The & Kaffehus - please write on my Facebook page. Preferably with photo. You are also welcome to write a review here. Thanks in advance.

You will find us: Sudergade 22 Axeltorv   3000 Helsingør

You call: telefon +45 4926 4936  The & Kaffespecialisten

Contact us here: The og Kaffespecialisten

Opening hours: Mon-Thu: 10:00-17:30     Fri: 10:00-18:00      Sat: 10:00-15:00

Outdoor Season Helsingør
Outdoor Season Stjernegade 4C 3000 Helsingør Phone: +45 49 20 21 27   HomePage   Kontakt

Opening hours:
Mandag - Fredag: 10 - 18
Lørdag 10:00 - 15:00

Outdoor Season Helsingør

Velkommen til Outdoor Season Helsingør
Outdoor Season s vigtigste målsætning, er naturligvis tilfredse og glade kunder. 

Outdoor Season har mange års erfaring med Outdor sport, jagt og fiskeri, og skulle du have spørgsmål til vores sortiment, er du meget velkommen til at kontakte os

Outdoor Season Helsingør

Outdoor Season startede i 2003 med butikken i Helsingør. Fokus er på beklædning og udstyr til vandring, klatring, sne og øvrige outdoor aktiviteter. 

Outdoor Season har altid lagt vægt på at have et bredt udvalg i mærker af høj kvalitet til konkurrencedygtige priser. Dette fokus har givet en stor lokal opbakning, og vi vil gøre vores bedste for at videreføre det på nettet.
Outdoor Season er en selvstændig butik, og derfor ikke bundet af tunge beslutninger ovenfra. Vi er altid på jagt efter de bedste produkter.

Outdoor Season Helsingør
Outdoor Season
Outdoor Season Helsingør
Outdoor Season

Outdoor Season
Hos Outdoor Season forhandler vi outdoor udstyr til klatring, vandring m.m.  til særdeles konkurrencedygtige priser. Vi har altid masser af mærkevarer på lager.

Outdoor Season er fyldt med en række gode tilbud, der løbende bliver fornyet – butikken er absolut et besøg værd!

Bliv godt klædt på til jagt og fiskeri og øvrigt fritidsliv – gå på opdagelse i vores afdeling for beklædning med de førende mærker og seneste nyheder i alle størrelser – også til de helt ”store” fritidsfolk.

Stort udvalg i soveposer
Der er naturligvis fuldt dækkende garanti på alle fabrikater og modeller efter producentens foreskrivning.

Se Outdoor Season´s store udvalg af hardware som udgør en uhyre vigtig del af det udstyr du har med på tur. Hardware dækker over rygsække, telte, klatregrej, solbriller, langrendsski, lygter soveposer osv..

Outdoor Season Helsingør

. Vi har et stort udvalg af rygsække, blandt andet fra Osprey som er en af de mest innovative producenter af rygsække og har desuden et stort udvalg af soveposer i både dun og fiber. Det er også i denne kategori du finder imprægneringen til såvel beklædning som telte og rygsække.

Outdoor Season Helsingør
Outdoor Season Helsingør

Hos Outdoor Season er vi meget omhyggelige når vi vælger hvilke mærker vi skal føre. 

Vi går ikke på kompromis med kvalitet og vi går meget op i at du får en god oplevelse med de ting du køber hos os. 

Vi har et bredt udvalg af varer fra The North Face, Fjällräven og Osprey som alle tilbyder høj kvalitet og højt specialiserede produkter. 

Outdoor Season Helsingør

Vi fører desuden en masse nye og mindre mærker som laver spændende og innovative produkter, her kan blandt andet nævnes Providus og Nalgene som laver miljørigtige og sunde drikkeflasker, Meindl som i mange år har lavet solide og velsiddende vandrestøvler, Julbo som er blandt de førende inden for solbriller, Jetboil som laver innovative og lynhurtige gasbrændere og ikke mindst Kings Cup som efter vores mening laver verdens bedste varme kakao.

Outdoor Season Stjernegade 4 3000 Helsingør tlf: (+45) 49 20 21 27

Apoteksudsalget Kingosvej 54 3000 Helsingør Phone: 49 21 00 15   HomePage    Kontakt
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