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Skjern  Indbyggere: 7741
Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune: Iver Enevoldsen (V)
Kommunens Indbyggere: 57093
Større byRingkoebing
International Lufthavn: Billund
Distance til: Ringkoebing 18 km
Område: Midtjylland VEST
Region: Region Midtjylland
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Visit Skjern

Visit Skjern

Ringkoebing - Skjern Central DenmarkSkjern Aa Central DenmarkSkjern is a market town in western Jutland with 7,506 inhabitants (2010), located in Skjern Sogn, ca. 7 km east of Ringkøbing Fjord. Skjern city lies in Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality and Skjern belongs to Region Midtjylland. Skjern  is named after Skjern River that runs just south of the Skjern city, whose original name is derived from the adj. Skjern, which means "pure. "

Skjern is the second largest city in the municipality only surpassed by Ringkøbing and also Denmark's youngest borough with rights from 1958. Skjern neighbor is Tarm, located approx. 4 km in a southerly direction.

Visit Skjern by train
The train station is in the town center  and connects Herning by lokal rail and Herning connects you to pretty all of Denmark and beyond.

Visit Skjern by plane
* Billund Airport is western Denmark's biggest and more well connected. It is conveniently located about an hour's drive from Skjern

Visit Skjern by ferry
Getting to Skjern from the UK is simple. With a regular ferry from Harwich, you arrive in Esbjerg around midday. You can get the number 5 bus, just outside the terminal from Esbjerg port to the railway station in the centre of town. and then 1 hour to Skjern

Visit Skjern by Bus
Express busses connect Skjern to Vejle  Aalborg, Aarhus and Sønderborg as well as other towns in Denmark.

Visit Skjern by Car
Skjern is linked to Denmark's highway network 1 hour by  route 28 connects Vejle and E20  connects  Esbjerg - Kolding - Copenhagen and E45 to Padborg - Vejle Aalborg .

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