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Brande  Indbyggere: 7065
Ikast-Brande Kommune: Carsten Kissmeyer (V)
Kommunens Indbyggere: 40602
Større byIkast
International Lufthavn: Billund
Distance til: Ikast 15 km
Område: Midtjylland VEST
Region: Region Midtjylland
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Visit Brande Denmark

Visit Brande Denmark

Siemens Wind Power Brande DenmarkBrande is a railway town with a population of 6,872 (1 January 2010) located at the railroad between Vejle and Herning in Ikast- Brande municipality in Region Midtjylland in the central area of the Jutland peninsula in west Denmark.

Siemens Wind Power wind energy Brande DenmarkUntil January 1, 2007, Brande was the seat of the municipal-council of  Brande municipality.

Brande is the home of leading wind energy pioneer Bonus Energy A/S now Siemens Wind Power.

Siemens Wind Power, or SWP, (formerly Bonus Energy A/S) is a wind turbine manufacturer with headquarters and main production facilities established in 1980 in Brande, Denmark. SWP is wholly owned by Siemens of Germany since 2004 through the Siemens Power Generation division in the Siemens Energy sector. In 2009, SWP had 5.9% share of the world wind turbine market, and had installed half of all European offshore wind turbines by capacity and number

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