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Greenland  Indbyggere: 56,452
Km2: 2,166,086  Religion: Cristian
Indbyggere i Nuuk: 13.000
Landekode: GL
Valuta: DKK
Greenland Tilhører Continent: Europa

Greenland is a country in . - Visit Greenland and discover a land of beautiful and varied scenery, the people of Greenland are very friendly and no matter where you are, you meet always a friendly smile.In urban and rural areas, you will be welcomed with a special friendly atmosphere.

Danmark har 406 øer og 7314 km kyststrækning, og det højeste punkt i landet er kun 170 meter over havets overflade. Den gennemsnitlige vindhastighed er 7,6 meter i sekundet, og forklarer, hvorfor Danmark er et af verdens største eksportører af vindmøller

Visit Greenland and where to go Greenland

Visit Greenland and where to go Greenland

Angling at Sea Greenland Arctic

Angling at Sea

Hook a cod or a redfish or a heavyweight Greenland shark

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Arctic Wildlife Greenland

Arctic Wildlife

You will often meet wild animals, on land, at sea and in the air

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Climbing and Mountaineering Greenland Arctic

Climbing and Mountaineering

World class ice and mountains!

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Close to Greenlanders Arctic

Close to Greenlanders

Hospitality is the bedrock of all Greenlandic homes. And it's catching!

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Coastal Sailings Cruice Greenland Arctic

Coastal Sailings

Sail on Greenland's highway, for fantastic outdoor experiences

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Cruises Greenland Arctic


Ice, whales and steep mountains. Lean back in the sun and enjoy the view

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Diving Greenland Arctic


See colourful flora, untouched wrecks and blue-white icebergs

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Dogsledding Greenland Arctic


Feel the rush as the 12 dogs pull away

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Go sailing Cruises Greenland Arctic

Go sailing

Sailing is as natural as driving a car. You just get more out of it

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Greenlandic Gastronomy Greenland

Greenlandic Gastronomy

Tassa mamaq!, that means “It tastes good” in Greenlandic

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Guided Sightseeing Greenland Arctic

Guided Sightseeing 

Expand your mind and listen to the locals tell their stories

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Helicopter Flights Greenland Arctic

Helicopter Flights

Even from above, the scale of Greenland is overwhelming

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Heliskiing Greenland Arctic


From the mountain tops through virgin snow, spectacular skiing

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Hiking Greenland Arctic


Go from cabin to cabin or sleep under flapping canvas

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Hot Springs Greenland Arctic

Hot Springs

Sit back in nature's own bathtub. 38°C, overlooking icebergs

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Ice Fishing Greenland Arctic

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing with long lines and hot coffee. That's how you catch halibut

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Icebergs Greenland Arctic


Nature's masterpieces. Born from the inland ice, heading for the sea

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Ilulissat Icefjord Greenland Arctic

Ilulissat Icefjord

Isfjorden is on the World Heritage List, the only place in Greenland as yet.

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Inuit Culture Greenland Arctic

Inuit Culture

A strong culture deeply rooted in the past

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Kayaking Greenland Arctic


If you don't sea kayak in Greenland, where do you?

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Midnight Sun Greenland Arctic

Midnight Sun

When time is a relative concept and it's light 24/7

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Greenland Museums and Art Exhibitions

Museums and Art Exhibitions

A vibrant culture unites old and new

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Musk Ox Safari Greenland Arctic

Musk Ox Safari

Kangerlussuaq, home to large herds of musk oxen, on your doorstep

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Norse History Greenland Arctic

Norse History

The gentle green southern landscape enticed Erik the Red and the Norsemen

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Northern Lights Greenland Arctic

Northern Lights

Worlds best view of the Northern Lights in the night sky

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River Fishing Greenland Arctic

River Fishing

The Greenlandic char is a true fighter and found in rivers and fjords

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Skiing in Greenland Arctic

Skiing in Greenland

A regular activity for de locals, a challenge for visitors

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Small Game Hunting Greenland Arctic

Small Game Hunting

On the trail of mountain hares and grouse

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Snowmobiling Greenland Arctic


In flat areas, it is like flying over a white carpet

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Souvenir Shopping Greenland Arctic

Souvenir Shopping

Souvenirs capture the soul and good memories

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Sports & Events Greenland Arctic

Sports & Events

For those with a penchant for world class adventure

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The Ice Sheet Greenland Arctic

The Ice Sheet

A look at the gigantic ice sheet is something you'll never forget.

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Trophy Hunting Greenland Arctic

Trophy Hunting

Bringing down reindeer and musk oxen is no mean feat

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Whale Watching Greenland Arctic

Whale Watching

Watch the elegant giants at play, splashing tails and fins

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  Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis GreenlandNorthern Lights or Aurora Borealis

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