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Givskud Zoo and safaripark Attractions sights and activities South East Jutland
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Landscape Nature Children Family
Givskud Zoo og safaripark
Løveparkvej 3
7323 Give
Telf.: +45 75 73 02 22
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Givskud Zoo and safaripark

Givskud Safari Park is a combined safari park and traditional zoo located 17 km north of Vejle.

Givskud Zoo og safaripark Givskud Safari Zoo was originally called the Lion Park since it was founded in 1969 as the first safari park in Denmark, where you could take your own car among caged lions. In the following years the animal population expanded with other exotic animals. In 1984, the Lion Park was bought by the private foundation Givskud Safari.
Givskud Safari Park can be experienced both by car and on foot, there is two different ways to experience the safari area, and it is recommended that time to run both experiences.

You can car drive through Givskud safari park and see animals from Africa, North America and South America. Along the way, it is possible to stop and take a closer look gated rhinos, camels and wolves.
It is also possible to let car and instead choose to board a safari. This runs the same route as you would do in the car, but here you get an extra experience as the driver shares his experience about the animals that Looking at the road.

Givskud Zoo og safaripark Finally, safari train, which caters to the younger part of the audience. The train running around among peaceful pets, and children help with the train feed the animals.

Givskud population of animals includes species from Asia, Australia, Africa, the Americas and varies between large water buffalo, small Barbary Apes, dangerous lions and peaceful goats.

All in the Safari Park is not just animals. There is also a playground, so if the kids have something extra energy, it can be burned on the bouncy castles, trampolines and moon cars.

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Givskud ZOO-scene can be entertained with various interesting features about animals and their behavior and living conditions. Stir for example by snake.

Year round turn on the fire in the tipi camp, and while preparing his bread on a stick, you can watch the wolves and moose that goes in the area.

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