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Egeskov Godskontor
Egeskov Gade 18
Telf.: 6227 1016
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Egeskov Castle offers you Welcome on Funen

Welcome to the live Castle on Funen. Look inside and feel the 460 years of history behind the thick walls. Egeskov Castle is not only a home for count family Ahlefeldt, but a historical adventure museum.

Egeskov Slot Fyn

Egeskov Castle has for 460 years been beautifully located in the South Funen landscape. The name Egeskov originally from a family of the same name. Today Egeskov acknowledged as Europe's best preserved island fort. Today live count family Ahlefeldt still in the castle.

Egeskov Slot Fyn

Hunting Room and Hunting corridor will all nature enthusiasts regard as a treat, and it was here at Egeskov Castle, Virgin Rigborg sat confined five years because she was in an accident with rusks Rosenkrantz. 

The unique banqueting hall holds testimony to a time when you decided the wife's honor and inconsistencies at gun duel, and the current count Michael Ahlefeldt. has actually also defended his wife's honor in this way.

Finally, the world-famous Titania's Palace can bee seen on the first floor. where you will find the world's largest and most beautiful dollhouse.

Egeskov Slot Fyn

At Egeskov Castle you can experience the world's most adventurous dollhouse "Titania's Palace", performed by the English painter and officer Sir Nevile Wilkinson.

Sir Nevile's small daughter Gwendolen asked his father to construct the house for some little elves, she had seen in the garden. The elves seemed homeless, assessed daughter, they spent the night maybe in underground caves and should have a nice house to live in.

Egeskov Slot Fyn

"Do you want to be cute and build a home for them, Dad?"


The palace, which are assembled from around the world, containing no fewer than 3,000 parts - many of them small art treasures, and when "Titania's Palace" in 1922 for the first time was shown to the public, was the Queen Mary among the guests.
Of attraction Egeskov's guests contribute each year with donations to needy children around the world.

"Titania's Palace" is kindly loaned to Egeskov Castle and is owned by the Kirk Kristiansen family and LEGO Foundation. The attraction found in the Virgin Rigborg room.

Egeskov Slot Fyn

Veteran cars
Veteran exhibition, was opened in 1967 and houses a fine collection of rare aircraft and vintage cars. Among the many items on display can be seen, inter alia, a helicopter, and eight planes, whose ages ranging from a period of about 50 years.

Egeskov Slot Fyn

The Antique Car Collection at Egeskov Castle consists of approximately 50 beautifully preserved and restored cars from the late 1800s until the early 1980s.
Veteran exhibition also bear the imprint of the variety of effects that Egeskov Castle is given as a gift or donation, for example, a large number of fine enamel signs.

Veteran exhibition's oldest, drivable car is a steam car 1899, but you can also enjoy the sight of a Ford Thunderbird from 1957.

A newly restored Cadillac is the largest klenoide and belonged to King Christian X. The car was custom built for the king in 1931 with extra height to the roof, he saw during transport could be wearing a top hat. After the royal era waned the precious vehicle's social position may slightly when first a taxi fleet owner since a fishmonger, was the new owners, antil Michael ahlefeldt father Claus, acquired at the lovely car.
In twenty years, The Cadillac were housed at Egeskov depot, and there are about half a million dollars in the necessary renovation, before the 12 cylinders again came to spin.

Egeskov Slot Fyn Segway

Be a knight at Egeskov – if you dare!

We have designed a 1,000 m² Segway course with a knight theme.

We’ve done away with the horse and replaced it with a Segway, and built a course that promises to be a hit with the whole family. Jump on a Segway and try your hand at a technology-based activity which combines computer power, design and bodily interaction.
See if you can ride slalom on the Segway, overcome obstacles and stand upright through the turns.

The ride, including instruction, lasts around 15 minutes and costs EUR 50 in low season and DKK 70 in high season.
Tickets are purchased at the Segway course from 11 am.

• You need to be min. 135 cm tall
• Only reccomended for 10 years of age or older
• Min 40 kg/ Max 118 kg
• No high heels
• Not recommended for Pregnants
• You must attend the test drive before you enter the course.
• Please pay attention to other drivers
• The rules abowe are for your own comfort and safety
• You need good skills for co-ordination and balance to drive a Segway

Egeskov castle Tree-top-walking
Egeskov castle Tree-top-walking

Tree Top Walking at Egeskov
As part of the magnificent 130 year old birch forest, adventurous visitors can walk along a 100 metre high tree top trail. , From the crown of one beautiful birch to another you will come across platforms, allowing you to rest, listen to the cheerful bird songs and take in the impressive views of Egeshov. The longest trail is 17.8 metres long before reaching one of the 6 platforms. 

The Tree Top Walking has received certification from the Danish Technological Institute.

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