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North Zealand bird park
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Sodemarksvej 22
Telf.: +45 21 23 67 37
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Bird Park in North Sealand Graested

We open the season 2015 - Thursday, April 2 pm. 10:00 to 17:00
From d. 2/4 - 1/6, the park is now open EVERY WEEKEND, 10:00 to 17:00 and Sundays and holidays.
From 1/6 - 1/9, the park is open EVERY DAY, 10:00 to 17:00 and Sundays and holidays and all days of the week 42nd

Nordsjællands Fuglepark Græsted

The Bird Park is naturally located on five acres in the scenic North Zealand near Esrum. Along the way you will meet a host of colorful and fascinating tropical birds in large aviaries, adapted naturally to the birds' well-being.

In North Zealand bird park we put a lot of feeding, it takes 3 man two hours every morning just to prepare the feed. Then there 4-5 hours of feeding and cleaning. During the breeding season, we use even more time, because to be given extra feed in the afternoon.

Nordsjællands Fuglepark Græsted

The bird´s
Nearly 1,100 birds live in large and spacious aviaries. Where it is feasible, we let several species live together to restore as much of the birds' natural lifestyle as possible. We are continuously working on implementing new ideas and improvements for both animals and visitors to the park. In Nordsjællands Bird Park, you will get close to the birds and be able to feed from your hand. It is a unique experience. Come give your children a lifetime experience..

Nordsjællands Fuglepark og krybdyr Græsted

The reptiles
Birds often called modern dinosaurs. With a population of about a dozen species in the Tropical House you have the chance to look for differences and similarities between the birds and the "right" lizards - Although bird park has been centered on the bird with its 250 species, there are also a number of reptiles and small mammals in the park - Meet reptiles.

Nordsjællands Fuglepark og pattedyr Græsted

Of course we have not forgotten the later stages of evolution history. Meet our "cousin", the white-eared Marmoset and other mammals.

Also visit our 600 sqm Tropical House, with giant tortoises, Four Spotted honey weeks, Marmosets and more. The lunch can be enjoyed in the hall or at one of the numerous tables and benches around the park.

Nordsjællands Fuglepark for børn Græsted

Fun for kids
Crawl into the African dwarf goats - they are happy children and fun to feed.
There will be new experiences every day for children, families and nature and bird lovers. From Easter to autumn holidays you can experience 1,500 birds from 250 species in one of Europe's most beautiful bird parks.

The Bird park has also a professional school service that is led by park biologist, Martin Schellerup.


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