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Capital Region of Denmark
Capital Region of Denmark

North Zealand is known as the Danish Riviera. Just a short drive from Copenhagen and lined with lovely, calm beaches, the place lives up to its name. The famous Coast Road winds north from the capital past beach after beach on the way to some of Denmark's most popular holidays destinations.

North Zealand has long been the playground of Danish Kings and Queens, and the region is dotted with castles, royal parks and fascinating history. It also offers you some of Denmark's most popular museums and art galleries.

North Zealand is a picturesque area surrounded by water and dotted with lakes and forests. It's easily accessible and packed with opportunities to get out into nature.

H.C. ANDERSEN and LATIN SCHOOL Elsinore Attractions sights and activities North Sealand
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H. C. Andersens years in Elsinore
H. C. Andersen Elsinore
Kongensgade 12
3000 Elsinore
Program Vandrekort H.C. ANDERSEN and LATIN SCHOOL Elsinore
H.C. ANDERSEN and LATIN SCHOOL ElsinoreHelsingør
Helsingør historical City Walk


H. C. Andersen Helsingør

Kongensgade 12: GPS: 56.037598, 12.610615

H. C. ANDERSEN, Denmark's greatest storyteller spent as a young man two years here in Store Kongensgade Elsinore, as part of his education and upbringing.
H. C. ANDERSEN loved city life, but his headmaster did years excruciating for the young poet.

H. C. Andersen was born in Odense in 1805. By age 14, he decided to seek his fortune at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen. In three years he was associated with the theater without a fixed salary until, in 1822, he received his resignation.

That same year, launched H. C. Andersen under the pseudonym his first book - Youthful Attempts. A tragedy of this book the author submitted to the Copenhagen Royal Theatre. 

Hans Christian Andersen's work was rejected, but at the same time the Royal theater initiated to help the young author of an education, after which he received help to complete a grammar school education in Elsinore 1826-29.

Elsinore Grammar School was housed in Kongensgade 12 in the years 1807 - 39. Denmark's great fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen, among others known for the story of "The Ugly Duckling", lived and was a student here in the years 1826-29. 

The school's headmaster, Simon Maisling, was classical scholar, but his teaching methods did the school years excruciating for the young poet.

The conflict between the two dealt precisely on Andersen's uncontrollable desire to "poems Thing" more than over exact knowledge. And while the young student was tormented by Meislings teaching, tried his mistress, who was notorious for having extramarital affairs, according to historians to seduce the young Andersen.

H. C. Andersen

H. C. Andersen was about 1.85 m high - 25 cm higher than the average of its contemporaries. The limbed tall man, the characteristic head with the deep-seated eyes, heavy-lidded eyes and big nose did not fall into the framework of the contemporary ideal of beauty. He applied to be ugly, odd - well, downright repulsive - and his outward form caused a stir and made an awkward and comical impression on most. This was only the first impression. Those who learned the poet to know more closely, got a different impression. They found his face lively and congenial, his stately figure and his appearance elegant. - It could Simon Meisling's wife not resist, but understood love for him.

H. C. Andersen Latinskolen Helsimgør
Latinskolen Kongensgade 12  Helsimgør

Upon his arrival into Elsinore - and before his visit turned into a trauma, H. C. Andersen gave the following vivid description of the contemporary Elsinore: "From the outside road, promised Elsinore me not much, but now I'm inside it, seems to me a small Copenhagen ... What traffic! How lively on the pier, here speaks some thick Dutchmen palm of their language, there I hear the harmonic Italian, further along the coal loader of an English brig, so I think I can smell London. Sound is thronged with ships like sea gulls hovering over the coast. "

The school years, embossed H. C. Andersen, partly by forming partly by fear and inferiority. After examination Artium (1828) published the Hans Christian Andersen his first works under his own name, and after the final 2. Examination (1829) decided the young cand. phil. indulging poet profession at full time.

H. C. Andersen ended up completing his secondary education in the capital. And could then focus on his writing, which would make him one of history's most beloved authors. - H. C. Andersen is the author who has been translated into most languages of the world.

The first time of his authorship (1828-1835) is characterized by rich imagination, gaiety and daring, as are grappling with many genres. 1835 was His big breakthrough mainly through the novel "The Improvisatore", but also through the publication of the first adventure: Tales Told for Children. That same year, the poet got his international breakthrough where he in the early days was known and revered for his novel art.

Charles Dickens published David Copperfield, featuring the obsequious Uriah Heep June 1847H. C. Andersen - Meetings with Charles Dickens
In June 1847 undertook HC Andersen his first visit to England and enjoyed a triumft and social success during the summer. HC Andersen og Charles Dickens

The English Countess of Blessington invited the poet to her parties, where intellectual and famous people could meet, and it was at one of the parties he met Charles Dickens for the first time. They shook hands and went out on the porch, which was of great pleasure for H. C. Andersen. 

 He wrote in his diary: "We went out on the porch and I was so happy to see and talk with England living writer that I love the most." - Ten years later, Hans Christian Andersen visited England again, primarily to visit the Charles Dickens. Hans Christian Andersen lived in Charles Dickens' home for five weeks. shortly after H C Andersen left, Charles Dickens published David Copperfield, "featuring servil Uriah Heep", which is said to have been inspired by Hans Christian Andersen.

The highlight of the Hans Christian Andersen's career took place in Germany in 1846 and England in 1847, where he was hailed the most sumptuous. Despite the matchless recognition abroad, Hans Christian Andersen angry opponents in Denmark. 

At the Royal Theatre had the poet his greatest battles and defeats, but once the theater's monopoly was abolished, could H.C. Andersen celebrate his popular breakthrough in Denmark at the theater Casino.

Much of Hans Christian Andersen's stories were re-filmed by Walt Disney in 1941. H. C. AndersenSee Videoclip

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